Anaam Hussain dreamed of opening a pharmacy of her own with the focus on good customer service. Two years ago, Receptum helped her to make the dream come true. Now she has already opened her second pharmacy in Malmö, Sweden. MAXX has contributed to her success by helping to streamline the work at the pharmacy.



Palm Apotek and Limhamn Apotek, Malmö, Sweden

Proprietary pharmacist
Anaam Hussain

5 employees

Anaam Hussain is standing in the middle of her shiny new pharmacy in Limhamn, Sweden. The shelves are in good order and expectations high. The pharmacy, which was recently opened next to a veterinary clinic, is the result of careful planning. The target group and product range are different from those of her first pharmacy.

Aiming for a pharmacy with excellent service

‘I wanted to open a pharmacy of my own, so that I could be something more for my customers than just the person who hands you the prescription medicine and says 57 kronor, please.’ This is how proprietary pharmacist Anaam Hussain summarises the reason for establishing her first pharmacy in Lindeborg, Swedish Malmö. Palm Apotek opened in 2016 and Limhamn Apotek two years later.

Anaam Hussain has taken bold and determined steps. A strong desire to help people take care of their health inspired her to study pharmacy in Sweden. Formerly a history teacher, she came to Sweden from Iraq in 2002, and 16 years later she was already running two pharmacies of her own.

‘I worked in different pharmacies and pharmacy chains for a few years. That time gave me broad work experience and a vision of what a good pharmacy looks like. My vision was a pharmacy where the employees are genuinely present for customers and provide comprehensive help. We don’t just sell products; we provide good and personal service. We promote people’s wellbeing.’

Anaam Hussain’s first pharmacy is located in an area with a lot of older people and a hospital. Here she has quickly become a person whom people know and whom they trust. Locals often come to her and ask for advice on any health-related matters, even before they see a doctor. A good customer relationship is based on trust.

A good pharmacy system is the skeleton of the pharmacy

According to Anaam Hussain, there are three important points to consider before establishing a pharmacy: find an area with no competitors and a good customer base. You need pharmaceutical competence and an efficient pharmacy system for support.

‘In the pharmacy of a friend from university they use MAXX, and I knew that it is an exceptionally efficient pharmacy system. I had used all kinds of systems in other Swedish pharmacies, and they often contained errors or did not work well,’ Anaam Hussain explains and says that she at once decided to start using MAXX in her own pharmacy.

‘A well functioning pharmacy system is really extremely important. For instance, a pharmacy needs fast, precise, up-to-date and convenient inventory management and ordering systems. MAXX is the best: there are no errors, the system is easy to use and quickly learned. And Receptum is always there if you need help,’ Anaam Hussain says.

Receptum also helped her with the many practical matters associated with the opening of a pharmacy. It saved time and trouble.

Easy to use, quickly learned

When Palm Apotek ordered MAXX, it did not take many days before it was already installed. Anaam Hussain applauds Receptum’s great customer service. ‘If I have a question or if there is anything to be fixed, everything is taken care of quickly, and in Swedish.’

‘When I opened my first pharmacy, the staff consisted of myself and a technical worker. Neither of us had used MAXX before. A trainer from Receptum spent a few days with us for support, but then we were on our own. In this situation, it was very important that the system was easy to use. The first week was challenging, but after that, everything has gone very smoothly. Even my 11-year-old daughter can use the software, that’s how easy it is,’ Anaam Hussein says gladly and adds:

‘MAXX has many features that are useful with a small staff and new pharmacy. For instance, efficient inventory management and an easy ordering system are important for the optimisation of the availability of medicines and the size of stock.’

Anaam Hussain’s tips for opening your first pharmacy

  • Choose a location with a good customer base and no competitors nearby.
  • Do not fear mistakes and failures, you will overcome them.
  • Rely on a modern pharmacy system with good support service.