Juha Antila

As a CEO, Juha has long-term experience of the pharmacy sector as well as pharmacy chain operation and IT project management. He is a strategic thinker who challenges clients to consider solutions from different perspectives.


Pia Dromberg

Pia has almost 20 years of solid experience of both project management related to patient data systems and customization projects in the pharmacy sector.


Tanja Jusslin

Tanja specializes in multichannel training solutions for the pharmacy sector. She has a solid background in customer support and training.


Jani Katajamäki

Jani is an experienced leader of joint digital projects. He also has more than 10 years of experience of specification processes and projects in software development.


Sami Laaksonen

Sami is the leader of Receptum Software’s development unit in Raisio. He has 20 years of experience in the development of systems used in the pharmacy sector. His strengths include good knowledge of the pharmacy sector and its needs concerning software architecture.


Mikael Luiro

Mikael specializes in the application and solution architecture of Swedish and Norwegian pharmacy systems. Mikael also has long-term experience of electronic commerce integration projects.


Harri Masko

Harri specializes in the development of business operations and processes of pharmacies. He has experience of training more than 250 pharmacies, consulting, and system replacement and implementation projects.


Tuomas Miskala

Tuomas is a network solution and data security specialist. He specializes in communication solutions that are used to secure the business operation of companies in the pharmacy sector.


Anne Palin

Anne Palin is a project manager with experience in deploying and developing IT systems and solutions. She has a strong background in the development of processes and business development related to system deployment projects.


Helena Hoppeler

Helena specializes in the provision and development of data security services for pharmacy sector clients. She has more than 10 years of experience of data protection and data security consulting and training.


Juha Sevanto

Juha specializes in specification and project management for electronic commerce solutions for pharmacies. He also has more than 10 years of experience of launching new pharmacy enterprises.


Martti Simpanen

Martti specializes in the organization and completion of system replacement projects. He has many years of experience of training personnel to use pharmacy systems and customer support.


Antti Timonen

Antti has long-term experience in consulting IT projects and working with stakeholders in Finland and internationally. As the CEO of Receptum Software, he is a visionary enabler who makes sure that the software and solutions are always of top quality.


Pia Ukkonen

Pia specializes in designing digital processes and consumer services for pharmacies in the Nordic countries. Pia is well-acquainted with the specific requirements of the pharmacy sector in Finland, Sweden, and Norway.


Mika Weckström

Mika is a strategic thinker and innovator who knows the ins and outs of the pharmacy sector. Mika specializes in implementing disruptive digital solutions for the pharmacy sector.