Full-service packages

Receptum’s full-service packages are based on our solid experience and wide range of services. They make life easier in situations such as a change of owner, relocation, renovation or opening of a new pharmacy. With skillful planning, optimisation and management of the overall solution, the pharmacy can concentrate on its business without stress.

Best partner for development

Receptum helps you to develop your business in any situation through consulting, training and management of different projects. Receptum encourages you to try something new and supports you in making your ideas and wishes come true. Your employees will have the best possible environment for working and developing their skills. This improves job satisfaction.

Best customer experience

MAXX’s customer service tools help to exceed customers’ expectations. Customer information and transactions are always up-to-date, prescription processing is efficient and all the required information for supporting medical treatment is available, everything in a single view. High-quality customer experience strengthens customer commitment; your customers feel that you take good care of them.

Multichannel solutions

Multichannel solutions respond to different needs, ensuring that your customers receive service through the channel of their choice. When the online pharmacy is integrated into the pharmacy system, your customer service is smooth and efficient at the pharmacy store and on digital channels alike. This improves customer loyalty. You can avoid extra work by managing all the channels from one place.

Business optimisation

MAXX provides tools for business optimisation. Tools that increase automation – such as ordering products according to sales and versatile pricing tools – promote the success of your pharmacy. Correctly planned inventory and tiered pricing ensure that products move and you have the products requested by customers in stock at a reasonable price.

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About Us

Apotekare Jari Viitanen

I chose MAXX because it is user-friendly and provides opportunities for the improvement of efficiency with great monetary value.

Jari Viitanen, Proprietary Pharmacist at Keski-Kotkan Apteekki

Pellon apteekin apteekkari Anne Kiviniemi vaihtoi MAXX-apteekkijärjestelmään.

MAXX is easy to use with convenient access to all information. This gives me more time for development work.

Anne Kivelä, Proprietary Pharmacist at Pellon Apteekki