Jukka Aalto

Jukka is the pharmacy hardware installation specialist. He performs all installations carefully and precisely, at a time that is convenient for the pharmacy.


Tapio Elolähde

Tapio, technical service manager, is in charge of ensuring that the maintenance and installation of hardware are carried out in all situations and in a manner that suits the pharmacy best.


Antti-Pekka Eskola

Antti-Pekka is the problem-solver at our helpdesk. He provides advice and guidance in any problems the pharmacy staff may have relating to hardware and programs.


Antti Ettala

Antti is a man customers rely on – he makes sure that the systems and processes of the pharmacy are up-to-date and the customers receive the help they need to develop them.


Hannele Haikonen

Hannele is an experienced pharmacy solutions professional, always looking for and finding the best solutions for her customers.


Lasse Hallikainen

Lasse is an experienced professional with thorough knowledge of pharmacy systems and hardware. He also assists customers with pharmacy ownership transfers.


Reijo (Remo) Hämäläinen

Remo is an experienced technical service supervisor. He is in charge of field maintenance and the development of technical services.


Heikki Killström

Heikki is a careful and competent installer and serviceman who works remotely or on site, according to the customer’s situation and wishes.


Matti Koivula

Matti has exhaustive experience in competitive tendering for pharmacy data connections and the delivery of these solutions. He has thorough knowledge of the needs of pharmacies relating to electronic surveillance, queue number systems and voice systems.


Pekka Kortesluoma

Pekka installs and services pharmacy hardware. He helps customers on site and through a remote connection.


Jenna Kröger

Jenna provides advice and guidance for customers contacting the helpdesk by telephone or online.


Harri Masko

Harri specializes in the development of business operations and processes of pharmacies. He has experience of training more than 250 pharmacies, consulting, and system replacement and implementation projects.


Tuomas Miskala

Tuomas is a network solution and data security specialist. He specializes in communication solutions that are used to secure the business operation of companies in the pharmacy sector.


Kati Mäki-Moijala

Kati is a customer support team leader, making sure that we respond to messages from customers quickly and with consideration of the customer’s problems. She is also in charge of customer support resourcing.


Jenni Honkaselka

Jenni provides advice and guidance and resolves problems of pharmacies at Receptum’s customer support.


Juha Pekkonen

Juha installs and services hardware for pharmacies. He works on site or remotely, depending on the customer and situation.


Sanna Pietiäinen

Sanna is a development manager who is always looking for improvements. With her positive attitude, she finds solutions to any challenges she faces. Sanna has solid experience in various change projects in pharmacies, including changers of owner, relocations and renovations.


Martti Simpanen

Martti specializes in the organization and completion of system replacement projects. He has many years of experience of training personnel to use pharmacy systems and customer support.


Aija Toivanen

Aija is an experienced and competent customer support person who specialises in training. She provides training both online and at pharmacies.


Pia Ukkonen

Pia specializes in designing digital processes and consumer services for pharmacies in the Nordic countries. Pia is well-acquainted with the specific requirements of the pharmacy sector in Finland, Sweden, and Norway.


Pietari Valaja

Pietari provides advice and guidance when pharmacies contact our customer support to get a problem solved. He makes sure that customers get more than they expect.


Raija Valtonen

Raija has wide-ranging experience of over 20 years in different jobs in the pharmacy sector. With her solid experience, she is a trusted and popular trainer and application adviser.


Sami Virtanen

Sami is a thorough expert who services hardware and makes sure that the hardware delivered to pharmacies has all the necessary programs preinstalled.


Jari (Vode) Voutilainen

Vode installs and services hardware. If a job cannot be done remotely, he does on site.