Happy customers and healthy companies as an objective

Receptum helps businesses in the health care sector and specialist trade to succeed better. With the help of work-facilitating information systems, we enable companies and their staff to focus on serving their own customers and developing their operations. As an innovative idea leader, we are the first to bring new IT practices available to our customers. We improve our customer companies’ performance. We enable entrepreneurs in the sector to enjoy their free time without having to worry about the company’s business operations.



With the help of innovative IT systems and services, we help companies to be genuinely customer-oriented by raising the customers to the lead role in all the company’s operations – from management to customer service and from logistics to sales. Our objective is happy customers and healthy companies.


We help companies improve their performance and operate more cost-efficiently. We continuously develop our systems and services to meet the companies’ business needs and customer-oriented approach. We respond to the question on how the company’s performance and customer service quality improve.


We have operated since 1985 in successful cooperation with pharmacies, medical centres and dentists. As a result, pharmacies excel in studies that measure customer satisfaction. Already over half of all pharmacies have selected Receptum’s information system MAXX, which improves customer service and performance.

MAXX Pharmacy

MAXX is a customer relationship management, cashier and financial administration solution aimed for pharmacies, which enables better customer service, more efficient stock management, additional sales and efficient daily routines with the help of customer information.

MAXX is the tool of a successful pharmacy, at which heart are happy customers and healthy companies. MAXX helps you tune customer information to its peak and in this way, achieve the maximum business benefits. MAXX is available with a clear pricing model, which is scaled according to the volume of your business operations.

Three reasons to choose MAXX

1.Know and engage your customers

Individual customer information increases the pharmacy’s customer understanding. The customers’ basic information, billing details, discount groups, purchase history and related reporting are all available in a single view.

Customer insight increases when all the information about the customer is available to the right people with the help of versatile CRM functions.

When you know your customer, and you serve him/her in accordance with personal needs, the customer will have a high-quality customer experience. This will bring your loyal customer back to your store again and again, and will encourage him/her to recommend you to others as well.

2.Serve better

With the help of quick and responsive prescription processing, customers can be served quicker and better. When you know your customer’s basic information and purchase history, you can serve him/her in a more personal manner.

With the help of intranet and supply chain management functions that are integrated in the store system, information is made available to everyone and customer service is made faster. Advanced cashier services, order management and invoicing functionalities, as well as the saving ability of a large quantity of customer-specific data, all enable easy, quick and efficient management.

3.Develop your operations

MAXX enables you to see the actual situation of your business. Sales monitoring takes place in real-time. MAXX saves the products’ history as graphs. Pricing is easy and straightforward. It also informs of alternative products and their availability.

MAXX indicates the stock situation in real-time, informs of new products in the range and even communicates deliveries to your customer. It creates an automatic purchase order proposal according to order rules.

MAXX offers a large range of reporting options: you can retrieve up-to-date snapshots in your chosen format, clearly presented and freely analysable.


  • e-Prescriptions
  • Electronic order (wholesalers)
  • Extranet
  • Real-time data transfer to authorities
  • Customer marketing (sms, email, post)
  • Integration of queueing number system
  • Integration of surveillance camera control
  • Cashier functions
  • Management of loyalty customers
  • Open customer service situations
  • Processing of sales orders
  • Invoicing
  • Accounts receivable
  • Stock management
  • Processing of purchase orders
  • Purchase ledger
  • Payment transactions to all banks
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Internal intranet
  • Accounting communications
  • Shop-in-shop solutions
  • Online store interfaces
  • Customisable user rights



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